Why Plant Churches

1.) Church planting is God’s plan “A” for fulfilling the Great Commission.
2.) We believe that the very best way to win lost people to Jesus Christ is church planting. Why?

  • Church planting sends a shepherd to rescue them
  • Church planting touches them with a local body of Christ
  • Church planting inspires them when they see imperfect people laying down their lives for them
  • Church planting provides a sociologically open group the lost can become a part of
  • Research studies prove that church planting is the most effective means of evangelism on the planet.

3.) New churches grow at a much faster rate than do most older churches.
4.) Multiplication is the only math that works for world evangelization.  Church planting has exponential potential.
5.) Church planting is the most effective way to transform a city because genuinely Christ transformed lives are the very best way to impact every domain of society.

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