“John knows as much about the realities of church planting as anyone I know.  I’ve watched him plant church after church for 30 years.  John has trained ordinary, imperfect people to plant churches with great results!  He provides the distilled wisdom of a seasoned veteran and to ignore his advice would be foolish.””   Rick Warren, Saddleback Church

“John Worcester is a rare breed.  He combines a heart for pastors with the latest research in church planting.  Since his experience is both national and international, there are few persons as equipped as John to train planters.”   Ed Stetzer, Lifeway

“People come and go – but some stay and sow seeds and are busy harvesting their whole life – that’s John Worcester.  John is a great, teacher, trainer, mentor, consultant for church planting and church planters.  He has a breadth of experience that started in the US but has taken him around the world.  I commend him to you and believe in him.  I’m always excited when young planters I know are connecting with him.”    Bob Roberts, Northwood Church, Glocal Net, Vision 360

“John and Diane have a genuine heart for those without Christ.  They live simply, sacrificially, and strategically…focusing resources on raising up future leaders and planters, while seeking out local, national and international opportunities to spread the Gospel.  For 25 years, we have seen them consistently launch, influence and encourage the multiplication of Kingdom effort.”               Phil & Anne Herrington, Pathways Church, Santee, California

“Over the thirty years I have known John Worcester, he has shown himself to be a man of integrity and of a sincere walk with the Lord.  His training is extremely practical yet applicable to a wide array of church planting situations.”  Harold Bullock, Hope Church, Ft. Worth, Texas, Hope Global Network

 “No one understands complexities and challenges of church planting better than John Worcester.  I mean no one!  He is a practitioner with experience in both attractional and missional models of church planting.  He’s done it, so he actually knows what he’s talking about.”  Shawn Lovejoy, Lead Pastor,,

“John Worcester taught all of the missionaries in our region Church Planting from a Purpose-Driven perspective.  Due to the enthusiastic response from our missionary church-planting practitioners, I invited John to write a new course for this year.   Purpose-Driven Church Planting II was a huge success.  The evaluations this year were even better than last year (and they were wonderful last year).  Missionary after missionary wrote that this training helped them with the practical, “how to” aspects of starting multiple churches. Many said that this training was the best church planting training they had received in their careers.  I agree.” Robin Hadaway, Former Regional Leader for Eastern South America of the International Mission Board (IMB)


I’ve worked with John Worcester for two years, 2010-2011 and he has been a tremendous coach, mentor and friend.  John launched Mission Trails Church (San Diego, CA), and then fifteen months later turned the reins over to me.  I was worried about leading with the founding pastor still in the congregation.  It has turned out to be a tremendous help.  Since I am a young pastor, John threw his weight and loyalty behind me which gave me a platform I could never have earned on my own.  John coached me on the fly, but gave me freedom to try out my own ideas.  He challenged me to take a huge step of starting a second site, and then helped me do it (something I may never have done on my own).  John has championed my leadership with key people, given me incredible wisdom and help, challenged me to keep expanding the kingdom, and been gracious and humble every step of the way.  John is committed to keeping relationships healthy, which enables many people to work so well with him.  Being tremendously gifted, John does not fall prey to gift projection, and has allowed me to develop my own unique leadership gifts and style.  If you have the opportunity to work with, under, alongside or any other sort of prepositional affiliation with John, I strongly recommend it.  He is a man who loves God, loves his family, has deep character and integrity, and drips with passion, enthusiasm and catalytic energy to reach those who are far from God.    Kyle Walters,  Mission Trails Church

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