Life Cycle Of A Reproducing Church

A Powerful Yet Rarely Practiced Philosophy of Ministry


Life Cycle Of A Reproducing Church

Church planting should be a high priority for local churches and the denominations that serve them.

The church is a spiritual organism like a body or a plant.  Like organisms, churches are to  “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” Genesis 1:28.  Why?  Because God loves people and wants to fill the earth with Jesus, both His Spirit and His body, the church. We see God’s plan illustrated all around us in His creation.

  1. Churches, like organisms, should grow fastest during their earliest stages.  Growing from 5 to 50 in a year is a 1000% annual growth rate.  This is a faster growth rate than the fastest growing mega church.  Plus new churches are much more effective at conversion growth than established churches.
  2. Churches, like organisms, should begin reproducing as soon and as often as possible.
  3. Churches, like organisms, don’t keep growing forever. They tend to grow very fast early in life, reproduce often during their mature years, and then faithfully support their reproducing daughter churches during their later years.  Plus spoil their granddaughter churches.

Local churches eventually plateau in size.  This is not wrong. It is natural. The tragedy is most churches respond to this slowing of growth mistakenly. When they start to plateau, rather than ramp up church reproduction, they turn inward and concentrate on their own growth and survival. Often for financial reasons, too many churches choose to go on church birth control.  This hinders God’s strategy to exponentially advance His kingdom through church multiplication.

How do we fulfill this philosophy of ministry?

  1. Pastors and denominational leaders need to shift their paradigms and commit to church planting as a real priority. They need to move from a priority of local church growth to a priority on Kingdom Growth through local church reproduction.
  2. Churches need to purposefully Discover, Develop and Deploy church planters.  Churches need to decide to be 3D Churches.
  3. The sequential church planter role needs to be resurrected sequential planters, like the Apostle Paul, need to be valued and supported along side founding pastors.   Both roles are vital for church planting and Kingdom growth to move forward at maximum velocity.
  4. A true apprenticeship process needs to be implemented in order to most effectively develop church planters.  Jesus and Paul modeled apprenticing “planters in training” through planting with them alongside.
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