Kingdom Outpost Started in Toronto

Kingdom Outpost Started in Toronto

I am excited to announce that we have started a “Church Planting Church” in Mississauga, Ontario, a city of 700,000 right in the middle of the huge Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  We pray that this plant will spark an evangelistically effective church planting movement.  We are praying that this first “Kingdom Outpost” will with be the prototype for future ones that will reproduce out of it and spread across the landscape of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

This past Sunday 16 people showed up for at our 2nd meeting and we are completely jazzed about the reproductive potential of this “Kingdom Outpost”.  By the grace of God we envision this multiplying into 3-4 new “Outposts” within the next few months.  Each “Kingdom Outpost” will equip workers fill a specific neighborhood or network with healthy churches.

Our topic for the first few months will be the “The Genesis of the First Church Planting Movement”.  We are currently digging deep into the gospels for nuggets on how Jesus, won people, trained leaders, and started the movement that is still rocking the world today.   It is easy to say we are going to follow Jesus, the problem is He has to do so much rewiring of how our paradigms of how we think about ministry.

Let me know if you interested in checking out a new faith community (Kingdom Outpost) that studies the missional methods of Jesus and seeks to apply them to a specific neighborhood or existing network.




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